Excerpt of a photo taken by Boyd Shearer

I was invited by Matt Dooley and Nick Martinelli to participate in a session at the 2018 NACIS meeting called "Cartography and Fine Art: Exploring Intention and Purpose." Participants were asked to focus on the making process—the technique and the intention behind the work. Dooley and Martinelli asked us to go a little deeper than making for the sake of making, or sheer catharsis. Certainly there's nothing inherently wrong with art for art's sake, but the hope was that the papers presented, together, could spur new ideas and discussion. I opted to discuss recent work using intaglio printmaking as a medium for expressive cartographic design. For my abstract, I wrote:

Drawing maps by hand led me to rediscover intaglio, or etching, as a means to further explore the expressive dimensions of cartography. In this talk I'll discuss my initial foray into hand-printed cartography–a simple map of Mt. Rainier–as well as more recent projects and experiments. Etching a copper plate, working its surface with hand tools, inking it, and running it through a press spurs an exchange between the cartographer and the print medium that I have only begun to explore.

Below you can view the video of my talk, and below the video, I've included the slides. It was an absolute delight to share that session with Dooley, Martinelli, Lauren Rosenthal McManus, and Steven Holloway.