2014. Pencil and ink on paper. 32" wide by 17" tall.

This is my second work developed with the themes and techniques I explored with my map of California. Erwin Raisz proved a significant influence as I developed the California map, and his masterful "Landforms of the Northwestern States" sparked ideas for visually highlighting the Columbia and its tributaries, an over-arching priority in this new composition. Equally significant, I was deeply influenced by the work of Richard Edes Harrison, especially his work in Look at the World: the Fortune Atlas for World Strategy.

This map is an official selection for Volume 2 of the Atlas of Design, which is now available for purchase! As the Atlas draws together some of the finest cartographic design from around the world, this selection is truly a tremendous honor. Read what the editors had to say about the map in their Look Inside: Jake Coolidge's Columbia River Watershed. Kenneth Field also provides some interesting commentary on the International Cartographic Association's Commission on Map Design's page, have a look here.

In 2016, a copy of this map will go on the road for Teresa Marshall's "Columbia River Watershed Storytelling Tour"; read more about it here.