2014. Maps designed in Adobe Illustrator/Avenza MAPublisher. Book designed using Adobe InDesign.

He Who Laughs Last is a Cthulhu Dark RPG Scenario written and quite successfully Kickstarted by Dave Sokolowski. (Cthulhu Dark scenarios delve into modern horror themes, inspired by the work of H.P. Lovecraft.) This project started as a map-design project, but quickly became a book design project, which is awesome, as I enjoy designing books when I get the opportunity. (See also my work on the 2013 CESTA Anthology.)

This is cartography developed specifically to contribute to themes of suspense, horrors revealed, and a potential apocalypse in the making. So, pretty different from what I typically do, but terrifically fun.

Above is map of the Southland from He Who Laughs Last, comprised of OpenStreetMap data. Below are additional excerpts from the book.