2013–2017. Content managed in Adobe InDesign. Graphic editing completed using Adobe Illustrator. This excerpt taken from Literary Lab Pamphlet #7: “Loudness in the Novel” by Holst Katsma, 2014.

I have performed page layout and graphic design for the past twelve Pamphlets (nos. 5–16) published by The Literary Lab at Stanford University. We maintained the overall design established with the first edition through Pamphlet no. 10, and with no. 11, I have added a landscape page format for pamphlets that have a large number of complex graphics. The main challenge (and for me, the most enjoyable activity) is tuning the graphs and visual materials to read harmoniously with the text. Figures are placed as close to their initial mention as possible, while accommodating section breaks, footnotes, and other key elements. As with all matters in design, the work is in finding that balance of elements.

For several years now, The Literary Lab has been in the vanguard of a developing cohort of research activities collectively called the digital humanities, and has pioneered the use of distant reading to reach new perspectives on literary history and theory. View the Pamphlets here. Below are some selected pages; images © 2013–2016 The Stanford Literary Lab.

Above: excerpt from "'Operationalizing': or, the function of measurement in modern literary theory" by Franco Moretti, 2013. Below: excerpt from "Style at the Scale of the Sentence" by Sarah Allison, Marissa Gemma, Ryan Heuser, Franco Moretti, Amir Tevel, and Irena Yamboliev, 2013.