2016–2018. Vector map style, Mapbox Studio. Data compiled with QGIS. Custom vector tile sources prepared using Mapbox Studio Classic.

As the cartographer for the NPS Park Mobile project, I perform data compilation and cartographic styling for the maps that appear within the apps. Several parks have published apps through the NPS Park Mobile project, with more currently in development. NPS Park Mobile apps for Yellowstone NP, Golden Gate NRA, Grand Teton NP, Gateway NRA, Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island NM, Wright Brothers N MEM, and several others are available for iOS and Android. Search for "NPS" on either the Apple App Store or Google Play to download them to your device. Here are direct links to the Yellowstone app: iOS and Android.

These apps result from the collaboration of the park interpretive staff who write the app content, digital content specialists at the NPS Harpers Ferry Center who orchestrate the project, app programmers at GuideOne Mobile, and my team, the NPS Resource Information Services Division. I use Mapbox Studio to create GL-enabled maps that share a look and feel with the popular printed NPS unigrid maps—in other words, they follow NPS graphic identity guidelines—while effectively conveying information on a phone, in broad daylight, in places with minimal cellular reception. I regularly collaborate with the NPS print cartography team to share knowledge and techniques for all sorts of map symbols, from point of intereset pictographs to road line colors. Transitioning the maps from raster tiles to GL at the beginning of 2017 faciliated a significant reworking of both the map symbols and the supporting data layers needed to show contextual data properly.

Scroll down to zoom in on the Old Faithful area of Yellowstone.