2016–2018. Raster map tiles from vector tile sources, Mapbox Studio Classic. Data compiled with QGIS. Custom vector tile sources prepared using Mapbox Studio Classic.

Park Tiles is the general-use, visitor-oriented web basemap for the National Park Service, and is used in a number of maps on nps.gov. Example live versions can be viewed on the NPS maps page, the Yellowstone Live Roads map, and Golden Gate NRA, among many others. I've included some static images below, zooming in on Sequoia National Park.

It's a complex product and has benefitted from the dedicated efforts of several NPS staff members over the years. Mamata Akella and Taylor Long both served as lead cartographers for this project before I took over its management in late 2016. Since then I've reconfigured the styling for the roads and highway shields and augmented the granularity of park unit labeling in the Washington D.C. area, among other incremental improvements. I'm also involved in the ongoing process to revise the data pipeline that feeds into Park Tiles, as the NPS Resource Information Services Division builds the agency's first true enterprise geospatial data system.

I also design the pixel-perfect versions of the pictographic symbols used in NPS web maps. See more about that project here.