2013. Adobe Illustrator artwork. Data compiled and digitized from a historic map source in ArcGIS Desktop.

Duke University Press published Watering the Revolution, by Dr Mikael Wolfe, in 2017. Be sure to visit the link for an official description of the book. I completed most of the work on several maps and diagrams in 2013, with a handful of small revisions performed in 2016 as the publishing process neared completion. The maps provide a view of a spatially complex region comprised of land parcels, water infrastructure, and transportation facilities. The depictions in the main maps are built primarily from a historic map of the Laguna region, "Plano de la Comarca Algodonera de la Laguna en los estados Durango y Coahuila, Región del Rio Nazas" by a hydrologic engineer named Frederico Wulff, compiled in 1914. I georeferenced this map in ArcGIS Desktop and digitized the many parcels and related features prior to exporting the artwork to Adobe Illustrator. As the project progressed, Dr. Wolfe requested a small-scale map of groundwater pumping bans (vedas) in Mexico and a couple of diagrams illustrating various aspects of the region's irrigation system.