2013. Compiled with ArcGIS Desktop and refined using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

A pair of maps I designed appears in Debra Bloomfield’s extraordinary new book Wilderness, accompanying an essay by Lauren E. Oakes. Bloomfield’s work evokes the experience of moving through wilderness–ephemeral light and shadow, haunting sounds, the connectedness and isolation one feels when enveloped by a landscape. Awe and wonder underpin Bloomfield’s passion to see these spaces cherished and protected. Oakes’ essay comes near the close of the book and discusses the Wilderness Act of 1964. The number and variety of protected wild places increased markedly in the years since its passage, and the included maps are meant to help convey this.

Federally designated wilderness areas are indicated by point symbols, categorized by administering agency. Lauren provided the wilderness area data, I compiled and projected the data in a GIS using Natural Earth data for the basemap, and prepared print-ready graphic files for the book designer. At a later stage, I coordinated with the designer to establish a desaturated color palette, particularly for the basemap, which would fit best with Bloomfield’s photography. The completed book is an inspiration, and I’m very glad to have had a small role to play in its creation. You can purchase a copy from the University of New Mexico Press here.