The Yellowstone Live project is comprised of a series of wall monitors, interactive kiosks, and web maps that convey current conditions at the park to visitors. An initial version had been in operation for a couple of years when, in the spring of 2017, park staff determined that some of the colors used in the application might not be accessible to color-blind viewers. In addition, colors selected to convey "open" vs. "closed" were not used in a consistent way across the various displays. Specifically for the road status map, park staff also requested a unified set of road symbols that would elimniate the need to toggle different map states with radio buttons. I assessed current conditions using the Color Oracle simulator and developed alternative color and map symbols schemes, which I helped implement in the code base once designs were finalized. I adapted the slide deck above from my presentations to park staff and the project team. Use these links to access the live maps for roads and campgrounds.